• The Maker Network (
    The Maker Network is about helping Makers and Makerspaces thrive and evolve into an interconnected ecosystem of skills, tools, resources, and ideas. We want to see the maker movement flourish all over the world, and believe that the tools to do so look something like this.

  • Fab Economy Job Board (
    The Fab Lab Network collects some of the greatest talents around the globe. Post your job offers here to recruit smart people that can make a difference for your projects.

  • Fab Manager (
    Fab manager provides an open source platform and custom made support services for fab labs and similar spaces

  • FabHub (
    FabHub is a global network of professional fabricators making digital designs, on demand, all over the world

  • wechange ( has a wide range of functions available, and new ones are always in progress. It builds upon open source technology exclusively. Its unique software architecture allows a gruadal networking of single platforms and provides maximum security and autarky. enables optimal knowledge transfer, discretionarily scaleable cooperation, and best possible networking and visibility.

  • crowd supply (
    We help creators launch with the funding and support they need to deliver thoughtfully crafted products to delighted backers.

  • (
    Hackster is a community dedicated to learning hardware.

  • wikifab (
    Wikifab, the open source hardware documentation platform is in beta version. The number of tutorials on Wikifab is limited. So you might not find the project you’re looking for. We encourage you to add tutorials to Wikifab, and we’ll do our part by adding new tutorials on a monthly basis.

  • Open Builds (
    The OpenBuilds Team is dedicated helping you to Dream it - Build it - Share it! Collaborate on our forums and be sure to visit the Part Store for all your Building needs!

  • ( is the online social network of the international Fab Lab community. It started as a spin-off project in Fab Lab Barcelona by Tomas Diez and John Rees, and is the current official list of Fab Labs that share same principles, tools, and philosophy around the future of technology and its role in society. is an exchange platform for people, labs, projects, machines, events and groups that operate around the Fab Lab Network, which collaboration and communication tools in order to align interests and to expand the global scale of this community.

  • Makery (
    A media for DiYers, full on info on labs, those of open tinkering as well as those of university fablabs. A brand new website based on experimentation. Makery is a project in perpetual beta testing, operating in DiY mode, brick by brick.

  • ( is an informal volunteer network of such spaces, maintaining community services - including a wiki for everyone who wants to share their hackerspace stories and questions, mailing lists, XMPP services, a blog and a feed aggregator, and many others.

  • en.spiral ( Enspiral is a virtual and physical network of companies and professionals brought together by a set of shared values and a passion for positive social impact. It’s sort of a “DIY” social enterprise support network. At its heart, it’s a group of people who want to co-create an encouraging, diverse community of people trying to make a difference
    ¬ Enspiral Handbook (
    This Handbook's primary audience is Enspiral contributors, but it will be publicly available for others who might find it useful. The goal is to give everyone in the network as much clarity and context as possible, while sharing our structures and practices with the outside world as well.

  • Premium Cola Betriebssystem (
    Premium-Getränke sind auf den ersten Blick die Produkte des Unternehmens Premium. Je nachdem wie weitreichend man das Wort „wir“ auslegt, stellen wir aber selbst keine Cola her, brauen selbst kein Bier und haben auch keine eigenen Produktionsanlagen oder LKW. Es existiert auch kein Premium-Büro, alle Beteiligten arbeiten wo sie wollen und tauschen sich über Internet und Telefon aus. Produktion, Logistik und Handel erledigen jeweils selbständige Profis als regelmäßige Auftragnehmer (die aber gleichberechtigt mitentscheiden können). Man könnte sagen, alle arbeiten zusammen, niemand ist extern, alles wirkt sich irgendwo aus. Was ist also unsere Leistung?

  • Fab Foundation (
    The Fab Foundation is a US non-profit 501(c) 3 organization that emerged from MIT’s Center for Bits & Atoms Fab Lab Program. Our mission is to provide access to the tools, the knowledge and the financial means to educate, innovate and invent using technology and digital fabrication to allow anyone to make (almost) anything, and thereby creating opportunities to improve lives and livelihoods around the world. Community organizations, educational institutions and non-profit concerns are our primary beneficiaries.

  • Open Source Hardware Association Open Source Hardware Association (
    The Open Source Hardware Association aims to be the voice of the open hardware community, ensuring that technological knowledge is accessible to everyone, and encouraging the collaborative development of technology that serves education, environmental sustainability, and human welfare.

  • Fab at Home (
    Fab at Home is a project looking to improve the life of its readers with quick, valuable information about various products, appliances, and ideas for home and other adjacent topics. Feel free to browse our list of reviews, how-to’s and various other articles and make an informed decision on your next purchases.

  • (
    DIY is a safe online community for kids to discover new passions, level up their skills, and meet fearless geeks just like them.

  • Hackidemia ( HacKIDemia designs workshops and kits that help kids use curiosity, empathy, and play to invent the future

  • Instructables (
    Instructables is a place that lets you explore, document, and share your creations

  • Thingiverse ( Thingiverse is a universe of things. Download our files and build them with your lasercutter, 3D printer, or CNC.

  • Club Maker Garage (
    MAKER-Garagen sind Orte und Wege für selbst verantwortliches Arbeiten durch Synthese
 von Hand- und Kopfarbeit. Sie fördern Gründertum, Kreativität und MAKER-Kompetenz in Gesellschaft, Bildung und Wirtschaft – und in jedem Einzelnen. Die MAKER-Garagen bilden zusammen den CLUB MAKER-Garage

  • pen Source Ecology (
    Die Open Source Ecology (OSE) Germany ist eine offene Bewegung, die eine Open Source Ökonomie aufbaut, welche sowohl Produktion als auch Verteilung optimiert, und dabei die Regeneration der Umwelt und soziale Gerechtigkeit fördert.

  • Freie Maker (
    ein Verein unabhängiger Maker

  • MakingSociety (
    MakingSociety is a blog and podcast with one goal: helping you build your open hardware startup. As a maker, there are now plenty of ways to live from your passion and run your own business. Open Hardware is a great way to do so. On MakingSociety, you can learn about all things hardware entrepreneurship: prototyping, manufacturing, selling, distributing, choosing a license, building a community,…

  • WikiHow (
    wikiHow is a worldwide collaboration of thousands of people focused on one goal: teaching anyone in the world how to do anything.

  • openMaterials ( OpenMaterials is a research group dedicated to open investigation and experimentation with DIY production methods and uses of materials.



  • ( communication infrastructure for the Commons

  • teem (
    A project hub for the commons

  • Die Welt der Commons (
    Die beiden Bücher Commons – Für eine neue Politik jenseits von Markt und Staat (2012) und Band 2 Die Welt der Commons – Muster gemeinsamen Handelns (2015) online.

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